Illiteracy as a Social Problem of Pakistan

Education is a basic need of every society. Education is an essential part of a common man’s life. A better education system can enhance the social, scientific, and technological improvement of a country. The human resource development of a country depends upon the quality of education.
It is a factor that helps to improve living standards and enhances the quality of life; it
helps individuals run their personal lives, support their families and bring improvements
in their society. Each person’s education is an investment in their human capital which
allows them to contribute to their society in a productive way.
Unfortunately, in our own country, education and illiteracy has always been a grave
problem. Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world.

The government has announced nine education policies in the last 60 years, with little
effect to resolve the issue. Instead, the current policy has only served to divide the
education system into segments. Without a unified education system, the authorities
cannot hope to foster a homogeneous society, nor provide individuals with equal
opportunities to meet their needs. Indeed, it is an established fact that proper education
is the bedrock of development in any country if it is provided according to the increasing
population needs.

Article 37-B of the Constitution of Pakistan states that it is government’s responsibility
to, “remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within
minimum possible period.”


  1. Only 2% of GDP spent on Education whereas 60% is used for defense
  2. Un-availability of schools in remote and rural areas
  3. Occupation of schools by influential people in rural areas
  4. Conversion of Education as a Industry instead of Service
  5. Expensive education as compared to Europe, where education is free


  1. Budget for education should be increased
  2. Schools should be provided in every village of Pakistan
  3. Available schools should be utilized for education only
  4. Education should be free for all upto University
  5. Education should be compulsory for all upto 12th Standard
  6. Salaries of teachers should be increased so that people can join this profession easily

2 thoughts on “Illiteracy as a Social Problem of Pakistan

  1. People of today are using education as a business..
    Its simple example is Academies who are preparing for the entry tests, are charging too much fee..similarly different academies or institutes are also there who are charging too much fee which can hardly be paid by the mediocres.. by seeing this drastic level of education many parents are unable to educate their child in their desired field of study..

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