Importance of Criminology in Pakistani Society

Each discipline is unique and has especial value and importance. Some disciplines
have value and importance primarily in theoretical sense, whereas others are important
for their practical value. The science of criminology is important and valuable both in
practical and theoretical senses. The science of criminology is related to society and
society has been likened to an organism. This fact makes plain and evident the value
and significance of the science of criminology. The scope of criminology is the various
social crimes and disturbances in their each and every aspect. As the science of medicine
studies various ills and their cures which afflict human body, in the same manner
criminology studies ills and their cures of society. The value and significance of the
science of criminology is theoretical as well as practical. Its theoretical importance lies in
the fact that it investigates and determines the cause of social disintegration. The practical
or applied aspect of this science is that besides determining the factors and causes of
social disintegration, it also studies the ways and means of preventing or eradicating these
evils, that is, remedial measures.

The mankind showed interest in crime in every era of its history. Such interest emerged
depending on the situation in the form of such feelings as fear, revenge, mercy or support.
Criminology is of great importance since it is a discipline that deals with all aspects of

The primary reason that pushes people to make research on crime and criminals is the
feeling of learning in their nature. Another reason behind people’s curiosity is to protect
themselves from such negative situation that they may encounter in the future. Besides,
interest in crime is not only personal, but also bears a social qualification.
It is also claimed that the society having interest in crime is beneficial in terms of raising
social awareness. Indeed, the society checks whether the rules of criminal law are obeyed
or not by having interest in crime. As a result, seeing that criminals are effectively
punished raises community’s confidence in the state and the judiciary system, whereas
such factors as failure to effectively fight against crime, failure of the judiciary system to
work well and remissions of punishment cause people lose their belief in the state of law
and the judiciary system.

Crimes cost much to the Pakistani society. Indeed, besides the damage given by the
commitment of a crime, costs incurred by the society because of the police forces, the
judiciary system and the cost for catching and punishing criminals are extremely high.

Besides, feeling of insecurity arising in the Pakistani society because of crime is
more important than the substantial damages directly caused by crime, because it is
extremely difficult to determine in advance the damage which can be caused by disbelief
in the police and the judicial system of the Pakistan. Indeed, due to the developing
communication network, instant appearing of crimes in the media may sometimes gain
an international dimension, causing domestic and foreign companies to cease their
investments and tourists not to go to such places because of security of life and property.

Therefore, keeping in view the current situation of Pakistan where terrorism and other
heinous crimes are very common, the science of criminology is very important for the
Pakistani society.


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