Drug Addition as a Social Problem of Pakistan

Addiction to drugs among young men and women is an acute social problem faced by
most of the countries worldwide. Illegal trafficking of narcotics is on the increase in spite
of vigilance on the part of governments. Heroin, cocaine, hashish, marijuana and other
health damaging drugs are easily available today. This sordid commerce has resulted

in young men and women easily obtaining and using drugs. They can be seen sprawled
almost everywhere.

At first youngsters take drugs in small doses just for thrill gradually develop a
compulsion to have it at intervals. Thus drug-taking becomes a habit from which there is
no easy escape. Once addicted to drugs there are very few and chances of escaping. Drug
addition includes the use of heroine, charas, bhang, post and other medicinal drugs.

The drug addicts may be treated as social patients and rehabilitated in society as its
normal members. They must be given due status in society in various social situations so
that they may be absorbed in society.


1. The young men and women who are frustrated because of alienation from the
family, a sense of loneliness and unemployment etc lead them to this culture.

2. A person finding little role in his daily life easily falls in drug addiction. It means
abuse of leisure can mare one drug addicts. A person in the company of addicts
gets into this bad habit.

3. Failure is aims of life also drags one into use of drugs.

4.Mental depression is another major factor in the causation of drug addiction.


1. The first and foremost thing to do is for every nation is to see that the illicit
traffic of narcotics is completely stopped. Every country should have laws or
special police force for narcotics, this law should be made tougher and have strict

2. Massive education program for youth should be started. Youngsters should be told
about the dangers of taking drugs


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